Neo Medical
Neo – Beyond The Expected
Neo aims to transform the current approach to spinal surgery by providing a unique answer to the worldwide strive for health care cost optimization through efficient, versatile and high quality systems.
Breakthrough design engineering and high performance polymers have enabled Neo to optimize the traditional inventory of 200+ screw sizes and design variations, into only 14 state of-the-art screws, while providing equivalent standard care options, without the burden of an unnecessarily complex inventory. Each surgical step has been meticulously optimised, resulting in a simplified, efficient and accurate procedure reducing OR time.
Neo Pedicle Screw System replaces todays typical instrumentation set of 7 trays, 60 plus instruments weighing up to 70kg / 155 lbs, with only 1 tray of 5 instruments weighing a total of 1kg/2.2lbs, while preserving the surgical options for the surgeon.